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ERA Fuhrpark

Flexible fleet


Our fleet is contemporary, powerful and reliable

Our trucks are naturally equipped with the latest technology for quality and environmental safety. All vehicles are approved for ADR transport and comply with the current EURO-6 standard.

Through cooperation with approved partners, we also provide solutions for non-standard and special transports.

But the best fleet means nothing if the driver is not one of the best.

The safety of our long-term employees is more than important to us. Among other things, our German-speaking drivers possess an ADR certificate and load securing certificates. Through training and further education, they always remain “up to date” with the latest safety requirements.

Our DIN ISO-certified workshop solves all problems in a flexible and professional way, so that our trucks and our partners can keep on rolling.


Vehicle Payload
Sprinter    to 1,2 to.


   to 2,3 or 5,2 to.


   to 6,1 or 8,2 to.

Tarp vehicles with trailer

   to 13,2 to.

Box vehicles with trailer

   to 12,2 to.
Trailer trains with Edscha hood / tarpaulin    to 16,2 or 22 to.

Trailer with tarp or box semitrailers

   to 24 to.